Thursday, 8 December 2016

Intro to Predaplant Sundew Kingii Engine

In the OCG, Predaplant is much rather a lackluster archetype and see no Meta play. However there is a dark horse of the archetype, being the hyped Predaplant Sundew Kingii.

Lets take a look at its effect. Kingii has 2 different effects.

The first effect allows Kingii to treat Fusion Materials with Predaplant Counters as DARK Attribute. Seems decent, however this effect is only used for the Pure Variant as it involves Predaplant Counters.

The second effect allows Kingii to Fusion Summon using monsters on your hand and field, and your opponent monsters with Predaplant Counters.

This effect seems very broken in the Pure Variant as it allows you to steal opponents monster for a fusion summon. However we are not focusing on that, instead Kingii is used as an engine due to it's ability to act as a Fusion Spell Card and a Material at the same time.

What about Kingii being both a Fusion Spell Card and a Material?

Normally this is a rather common thing this Meta as we have seen many of such cards. However we must also look at the Predaplant Fusion Monsters. This is what seperates Kingii with the others.

Kingii's Fusion Targets all offers strong disruptive effects in this Meta. The only catch is that you would need a Predaplant Monster and any DARK Monster. Since Kingii helps you fulfill the difficult part, you can now splash this to any DARK deck you can think of.

Here are the 2 main Kingii Targets,

Predaplant Chimera Rafflesia

Rafflesia requires a Predaplant Monster and a DARK Monster

Rafflesia has 3 effects.

Rafflesia's first effect allows her to banish any Monster on the field with level equal or lower than her during either players turn.
Rafflesia's second effect allows her to reduce an attacking enemy monster by 1000 ATK and she gains 1000 ATK until the end of the turn.
Lastly, Rafflesia's third effect you to add any Fusion Spell Card when she is destroyed during the next Standby Phase.

Rafflesia is your main card against Zoodiac decks. A single banish on Marmorat can cause you to win your game. Rafflesia also has the easiest summoning condition compared to Greedy Venom Fusion Dragon. Since Rafflesia can lower her enemy's ATK, they need a monster with more than 4500 ATK to clear her.

Greedy Venom Fusion Dragon

Greedy Venom requires a Predaplant Monster and a level 8 or higher DARK Monster

Greedy Venom have 2 effects.

Greedy Venom's first effect allows you to target a face-up monster on the field, negate it's effects and reduce it's ATK to zero during either player's turn.
Greedy Venom's second effect activates when Greedy Venom is destroyed. By destroying as many monster on the field and then banishing any level 8 or higher DARK Monster from your grave, you can resurrect Greedy Venom from the grave.

Greedy Venom allows you to stop many combo decks with a well-timed negation. When destroyed, it also pressures your opponent as they will have their field cleared just to see Greedy Venom on the field again. However, since it requires a Dark Monster level 8 or higher, not all Dark Decks can be splashed in.

Suitable Decks for such Engines

Normally most Dark Decks can abuse Kingii however there are decks that work a lot better than average ones. Here are some possible decks.


With recent support, the Darklord archetype is gaining in popularity. Since it is a full Dark Deck, why not? Furthermore, apart from the upcoming Darklord Ukoback, you will not normal summon any other Darklords. Thus Kingii can be used as it does not waste your normal summons.


The D/D/D archetype benefits off cards in the graveyard. So how about good ol' Kingii to help you send them to the graveyard. Do keep in mind that unlike Darklords, Kepler, Copernicus and Kingii will be fighting for the Normal Summon.

That's all for the Intro To Predaplant Sundew Kingii Engine, hope you all like it!

Signing off.

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