Thursday, 22 December 2016

Ariel, Priestess of The Nekroz (New Nekroz Support!!!)

Hey guys Dam Son here, FINALLY...we had a new Nekroz support from Maximum Crisis. This time, it is a rather unique searcher. Without further ado, here is the card.

Ariel, Priestess of The Nekroz

Ariel here has two effects, with the first being a 'once per card' while the second being a hard 'once per turn' only.
Her first effect allows her to reveal any number of Nekroz cards in your hand to increase or decrease her level based on the number of Nekroz cards revealed. This allows for flexibility for xyz summon, ritual summon and maybe even synchro summon.

Before I reveal her second effect, here is a warning: you will all be pissed after you finish reading the effect. So please do not spam hates. You have been warned.

So carrying on, her second effect triggers when she is tributed (much like Shurit). When tributed, Ariel can tutor out a Nekroz monster (OMG it is Shurit), except a Nekroz Ritual monster.
...why Konami...why?

So from here, Ariel seems to be a searcher for Shurit, which in turn can give us any Nekroz we need, by fetching Brionac when Shurit is tributed. Due to this, this card seems to lean towards the summoning of the Level 8 Valkyrus since Ariel + Manju/Senju = 8 and Valkyrus' ability to tribute monsters for a draw. Tribute Ariel and you get a draw and search.
Ariel's level manipulation also means not only can she change her level to fit Ritual Summons, but to also be able perform Xyz Summon. Especially to summon my Favourite card Beatrice, Lady of The Eternal.
Beatrice is able to mill Djinn monsters from the deck, allowing you to gain access to locking down your opponent out of special summons. Since many players are devoting their deck slots for the Kaiju Engine instead of great old Book of Eclipse, Djinn-Locking them will prevent them from Kaiju-ing you.
-From the kid who only knows how to Djinn lock

Nekroz might have a 2nd Support?

Alright guys going off track a little, I suspect that Ariel might not be the only support in the booster. Here is my evidence after doing some research.

In Invasion: Vengeance, both the Yang Zing and Tellar archetype received supports.
Yang Zing: Nine Pillars of The Yang Zing, DengLong, First of the Yang Zing
Tellar: Darktellarknight Batlamyus, Tellarknight Genesis

In Raging Tempest, the Ritual Beast recieved supports.
Ritual Beast: Spiritual Beast Tamer Winda, Ritual Beast's Promised Return

Did you all see the trend?

All of these archetypes that received support are related to the Zefra Archetype.
AND they all received 2 supports in the booster. Thus there is a high chance that Ariel may not be the only Nekroz Support and I remain hopeful.
However, whether Konami wants to ruin my hopes and dreams is entirely up to them.
That's all for this article, let us all pray for another Nekroz support.
Signing Off,
Dam Son

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  1. Weasels Kyushu ninden10 May 2017 at 04:14

    U want another support? Read clousolas effect.. im waiting for that..