Monday, 19 December 2016

Paleozoic in OCG January 2017

Life with Toadally Awesome Treatoad at 1

Paleozonics managed to make an appearance here and there in Singapore's OCG Metagame. The traps that resurfaced as monsters are unaffected by other monsters effect, even your own. This makes it ideal for the deck to challenge decks with the ever-so-common Zoodiac Drancia.

Even back when Metalfoes-BlueEyes-ABC were playing rock-paper-scissors, Paleozonics managed to held onto their ground by incorporating Il'lum'Raj in their Side Deck. Hurting large-leveled monsters more than it hurts Treatoad, and with the Trap monsters unaffected by the stats loss, any monster below 1200 is easy prey for the deck's onslaught.

But today, we look at not what the deck was before, but what the deck may become, as Treatoad gets limited this coming January.
Blank card is Daigusto Phoenix

Ninja-Frog-Paleozonics is not a new idea, but is definitely a fresh build in OCG's competitive scene. Upstart Golden Ninja allows you to dump a trap to summon another copy of itself in this deck, making sure you have a trap in grave, ready to be summoned, by the time your opponent's turn comes. Two Upstart Golden Ninja on the field can provide you access to Rank4s, but the engine takes a step further since Upstart Golden Ninja is LIGHT attribute, giving you the option of xyz summoning Bujintei Tsukiyomi.

Bujintei Tsukiyomi can not only build your graveyard further by filling it with traps, it also grants you a +1. Just the idea of draws and stacking your graveyard should have already made this idea an attractive option. After all, getting traps into the grave is the base for gaining field advantage in Paleozoic after all.

The Golden Ninja engine has the ability to catapult the deck into momentum much earlier. Including Rank4s into the deck fills the void left by the Treatoad's limitation. Paleozoic seems to have the capacity to thrive in the first quarter of next year; Imperial Order is less of a double-edged sword in Paleozoic since the deck runs so little spells, but on the other hand, meta decks which uses a huge lineup of spells, especially the latest member - Pendulum Magicians - will suffer tremendously from this new floodgate card.

The new metagame starts next Sunday. We welcome the new year with Treatoad's limitation as Kirin haters celebrate its entrance to the ban realm.

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