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Intro To Madolche

Hello again everybody! As requested, this time I will be bringing you a Madolche Guide. As per normal, please note that I just studied the deck for a week and wouldn't dare to say I am very good with this deck. Thus, do not expect much but I will try my best to deliver most of the Madolche Combo.


Madolche is an archetype of EARTH monsters. The archetype monster names are all puns based on foods. The word Madolche is a pun for 'Magical' (Mado in Japanese), 'Doll' and 'Dolce' (Means dessert in Italian)
The Madolche archetype is split into 3 categories. The royalty, the servants and the pets. The royalty category consists of Fairy-type monsters with puns based on food and their status in the royal family.

Madolche Queen Tiaramisu
Tiaramisu being the Queen of the family and her dessert being Tiramisu. Tiaramisu offers one of the best removals in the game. Which is non-targeting "Shuffle to Deck" effect. Shuffling Madolche monsters also allows you to follow up with an OTK using Madolche Ticket.

Madolche Puddingcess

Puddingcess is the Princess and daughter of Tiaramisu? The pun on her name involves Pudding. Puddingcess is seldom played due to the lackluster effects. But being Lvl 5, Puddingcess can be used as a fodder alongside Gemknight Seraphinite for rank 5 plays, opening doors to the possibility of a Brilliant Fusion engine.

Madolche Puddingcess Chocolat-a-lat Mode

Puddingcess growing up with a new topping being Chocolate. Choco-Puddingcess can combo well with Madolche Ticket and becomes a monster when Puddingcess is in it's Xyz material.

Madolche Anjelly

Although not part of the Royal Family, Anjelly is still a Fairy-Type monster. Anjelly is an angel with it's dessert being Jelly. Anjelly can tutor for any monster from the deck by tributing herself, contributing to the deck's consistency

With the Royalty category done, we go down to the Servant category.

The Servant category consists of both Warrior and Spellcaster-Type Monster and are puns similar to the Royal Families.

Madolche Magileine
Magileine is a Magician and have her dessert being Madeleine. Magileine is a very slow card that I do not like playing in most builds except for one, Brilliant Madolche. Since Seraphinite gives an extra normal summon, playing Magileine is not so bad.

Madolche Messengelato

Messengelato is a Messenger and his dessert is Gelato. MVP of the servants section. Being able to search any Spell/Trap just by being summoned from Hootcake generates many pluses. However Messengelato is a card you do not want to draw at all times.

The final section of the Archetype are the pets. These Madolche monster puns are different as their are a pun of the sounds they make and their dessert.

Madolche Mewfeuille

Mewfeuille is a cat and its dessert is Mille-Feuille. Mewfeuille is a combo card as it allows you to go for Rank 3 Plays to extend for OTK. In Madolche deck, you will need that 1 Lvl 3 monster to determine whether you win or lose that game.

Madolche Hootcake
Finally... Hootcake is an Owl and has Hotcakes as its Dessert. This Owl is also another MVP of the deck. By banishing any monster from your deck, you can special summon any Madolche monster from your deck. Hootcake is normally summoned via Anjelly, having a fodder in the grave to use his effect.

Madolche Spell/Trap

Madolche Chateau

Gives Madolche monsters 500 ATK/DEF boost and when activated shuffles a Madolche monsters to the deck which combos well with Madolche Ticket. Furthermore, any Madolche monsters sent to the deck by a monster effect goes back to your hand for resource gathering.

Madolche Ticket

Combos well to keep on summoning Madolche monsters. Ticket is necessary to start the plays, which involves the swarming of the field.


Brilliant OTK

I'm sure most of you are familiar with the Brilliant Fusion 15600 Damage Combo!

Cards Needed In Hand: Brilliant Fusion + Magileine

1) Activate Brilliant Fusion to summon Gem-Knight Seraphinite by dumping Gem-Knight Garnet and Performage Trick Clown
2) Summon Trick Clown by paying 1000 LP
3) Normal Magileine to add Anjelly by using Seraphinite's Additional Summon
4) Normal Anjelly and tribute herself to summon Hootcake
5) Xyz Summon Magileine and Trick Clown to summon Performage Trapeze Magician
6) Use Hootcake's effect to Banish Garnet to summon Puddingcess
7) Xyz Summon Puddingcess and Seraphinite to summon Choco-A-La-Mode
8) Detach Magileine to Make Choco-A-La Mode attack twice this turn
9) Use Choco-A-La-Mode eff to shuffle Magileine back to deck
10) By detaching Seraphinite, Special Summon Messengelato
11) Activate Messengelato's effect to add Chateau to hand
12) Activate Chateau to shuffle back Anjelly
13) By detaching Puddingcess, Special Summon another Messengelato
14) Activate Messengelato's effect and add Ticket
15) Activate Madolche Ticket
16) Xyz Summon both Messengelato to summon Tiaramisu
17) Detach Messengelato to Shuffle back Messengelato and Puddingcess and 2 of your opponent's cards
18) Activate Madolche Ticket to Special Summon Messengelato again
19) Add any Madolche S/T to your hand
20) Xyz Change Tiaramisu to a second Choco-A-La-Mode
21) ATTACK!!! With that 15600 Tons of Damage!!!!
Here's the math,
Due to Madolche Chateau, all Madolche monsters gain 500 ATK and DEF
There are 5 monsters on your field, 2 Choco-A-La-Mode (3000), 1 Trapeze Magician (2500), 1 Messengelato (2100) and 1 Hootcake (2000)
6000 (Choco-A-La-Mode can attack Twice) + 3000 + 2500 + 2100 + 2000 = 15600 Damage!!!


That's the end of the Madolche Introductory Article. I recently just got the deck and have been toying around with the builds. At the moment, I finally settled down with Speedroid Brilliant Madolche with Super Hippo Carnival as my super-awesome-entertaining tech card.

Once again Dam Son here signing out!

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