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ACQ Prep Work: Part 4 - Sample Decklists

Sorry for the delay.

Apart from viewing decklists today, we will be looking at some short vines/gifs and videos of some gameplay that has surfaced on the internet. I take the content from my Twitter timeline, credits go to the original authors and creators. As far as decklists goes, I dare not vouch for its consistency or viability. But I feel that plenty are worth sharing and used as a reference. So let's start right away.

1) Zoodiac HEROES 

Take a look at this video to see what HEROes can now achieve with a single spell card - A Hero Lives. Sadly for our TCG friends, this involves the use of Elemental HERO Stratos, which OCG has at one. Credits to @jadenism

2) Artifact Kozmo

Both archetypes share some synergy with their LIGHT Level5 monsters. Kozmo Sliprider has the ability to destroy spells and traps on the field, including the user's hidden Artifact monsters to trigger their summon and effects.

Source: Link

Both decklists are slightly different due to their different aims and direction they are heading towards - the former being board control (evidently from the trap choices such as Dimensional Boundary and Solemn Strike) while the latter focuses on disruption and destruction as noted by his lineup of revival traps with mass destruction methods such as Torrential Tribute and Lightning Vortex.

Pot of Duality is suitably used for the deck to increase consistency since special summons are likely to take place during the opponent's turn. Card of Demise is utilised as the draw engine to compensate for dwindling resources. Previously fallen off the competitive map due to Harpie's Feather Duster wrecking a full arsenal of set Spells/Traps (which one would do when resolving Card of Demise's End Phase discard, Demise-Kozmo builds makes a rebound, enlisting the help of the Artifact monsters to make the opponent second-guess their decision of destroying the backrow right off the bat.

Sadly, plenty of the deck suffer greatly to Cosmic Cyclone which plays around the effects triggered by destruction, simply by banishing it. Cosmic Cyclone is also currently being played at three in the Main Deck, making this deck's path to victory an even steeper one.

3) Pure Zoodiacs


Pure Zoodiacs played with the Kaiju engine are a rare sight now. This deck's build drops Coach Captain Bearman but retains Brotherhood of Fire Fist - Bear to get rid of pesky monster threats.
The Side Deck is prepared pretty well, with the standard package of Imperial Iron Wall and Anti-Spell Fragrance maxed out, showing the user's preference of risking to brick with multiple copies rather than end up not drawing into them.
With Zoodiac Drancia's ability to destroy face-up cards, including floodgates, playing a full playset of Side Deck floodgates might not be a totally bad idea.
Mirror Force could punish the opponent for overextending or mistakenly believing that he can end the game during that Battle Phase. Torrential Tribute takes the place of the commonly-played Interrupted Kaiju Slumber to perform the job of mass field destruction and clearance.
A stray observation I am unable to provide a reason for would be the siding of Solemn Judgment, which I find odd.

4) Zoodiac Burning-Abyss Phantom-Knights Djinn Nekroz


DAM SON be damned~

A very ambitious deck, if I need to find a word to describe it. Packing four archetypes into one, this deck challenges lady luck and his deck's consistency issues by pushing it to the maximum allowed count of 60cards. There is even that pair of Manticore of Darkness chucked into this deck for the user to win via an opponent's deckout once Maxx "C" is played.
Pot of Desires has never worked well with Phantom Abyss decks in the past, and I doubt that this has changed in the recent weeks, but for all fans of the deck and archetype, I hope you find success piloting it.
There seems to be a few risks involved in this deck, such as the possibility of the Nekroz cards being milled by Lawnmowing Next Door, or key components, especially limited cards, being banished by Pot of Desires. That being said, plenty of the deck seems to function well being in the grave or being milled, with the MVP being Djinn Releaser of Rituals which could lead to a very one-sided game with its ability to lock out special summons, rendering Kaijus and Interrupted Kaiju Slumber ineffective and useless.

The Side Deck of this decklist is not revealed.

5) Zoodiac Kozmos


The Kozmo decks has previously ran Speedroid Terrortop to access Levair the Sea Dragon for recycling banished resources. It should be no surprise to anyone that they, too, decided to jump onto the bandwagon and enlist the assistance on the Zoodiacs.
Kozmo has never been dependent on its Extra Deck to function. Hence, it is able to gain a significant advantage over other hybrids by play two sets of Zoodiac xyz monsters in their Extra Deck, possibly surprising the opponent after they have assumed that their Zoodiac engine lineup has been exhausted.

Night Beam is a card worthy of mention. I have previously been keen on testing it out myself, but couldn't find a reason to justify it over Cosmic Cyclone or Twin Twister. It is a tempting option though, as it can seal and destroy Dimensional Boundary, without it being capable of chaining to Night Beam's activation and target. However, in future games, wary opponents will just activate Dimensional Boundary earlier.

6) Fluffals

Fluffals enjoy some success with a player managing to make it to Top 8 in Japan's はっちcs×ドラスタ杯(Hachi CS Tournament Cup).

7) Volcanics Zoodiacs


A brave move to bring back the Volcanics engine (and replace the much more popular Kaiju engine) which was crippled after the ban of Lavalval Chain. InitaldprojectD relied on Foolish Burial of Belongings to send Blaze Accelerator Reload to the grave. But much like any deck running a Brilliant Fusion engine, there are just some cards you don't wanna draw into.
I particularly enjoy seeing Skull Invitation in the Side Deck, a card which I feel is akin to a timer bomb.

8) Long deck name

I'm just gonna go with Lawnmowing Lightlord Zoodiacs Eidolon Shirayuki Kaiju Bujin.

Mill, fuse, special summon, swarm, hope for the best. (Y)

9) Zoodiac Metalfoes Kozmo


Using the Metalfoes pendulum effects to destroy Kozmo monsters to trigger their effects, and at the same time serve as scales for a pendulum summon of the big guns, curbing the issues of cloggy hands which consists of large spaceship monsters. With plenty of methods, combos and plays to embark on, along with the unforgivable misplays, this deck is undoubted one of the decks on the list with the steepest learning curve and a demanding skill set required to pilot it well by constantly planning two to three steps ahead.


As the date to ACQ draws near, how is everyone else feeling? Feeling up to it, nervous, excited or just neutral?
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