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Tag Duel @ AFASG 2016!

Get Your Game on!
Decklist included
DAM SON's and GeoTheBacon's decklist for the AFASG 2016 event.

Hi ALL GeoTheBacon here!
First off, lets get to know the rules a bit better shall we? 

First! Both teammates will have to obey a shared banlist, making it harder for players to play the exact same deck. Thus we can conclude that players are inclined to play two different decks, preferably two which shares a certain degree of synergy.

Second! The lifepoint count is shared at 8000, thus denying the opportunity for partner players to abuse cards like Card Exchange.

Third! The field is shared and we can use cards from each others graveyard. This limits the amount of cards that can be on the field.
If you occupy too many slots on the field, your teammate might not be able to do their combos. This will lead to most teams going for a combination of a one deck spell/trap heavy and a one deck monster heavy, where the former will perform the set-up and the other will do the combos. Sharing both the field and graveyard means that you can share resources with your teammate by setting cards on to the field for your teammates to use, or use their cards in their graveyard for things like Infernoids or Breakthrough Skill.

Fourth! There will be no battle phase on the first turn of all players. This allows for teams to set-up more easily and allow slower decks to be able to play in this format. This also will cause players to turn to burn decks like chain burn to take advantage of this rule.

Fifth! This is a one match Swiss format, meaning there will be no side decking at all. This allows decks that are a one-trick pony to thrive in this unique format.

And here are our Decklists
Player 1(Dam Son's)

Player 2(GeoTheBacon's)

So taking advantage of the rules to the fullest we decided to play these two decks. A simple breakdown of how the decks work together:
  • The Zoodiacs set up as many special summon monsters on the field as possible, even to the extent of using Ojama Trio to up the count. 
  • At the same time, Zoodiac Beast monsters like Drancia controls the field. 
  • Lastly, the massive graveyard count fulfills the condition to activate cards like Pot of Avarice for draw power. Coach King Giantrainer is used in a similar fashion, passing it to Player 2 where the magic truly happens.
  • In comes the Gem-Knights, the combos centering around Gem-Knight Lapis Lazuli's ability to burn the opponent for 500 lifepoints per special summoned monster on the field by sending a Gem-knight monster from the deck/ extra deck, but since Lapis Lazuli can only be special summoned once per turn. We will use Gem-Knight Master Diamond to copy her effect by banishing her from the graveyard to deal even more burn damage. This will end the game with our victory when GeoThebacon's turn comes.

Card choice explanation:
  • Twin Twister and Royal Decree - to get rid of pesky traps and spells that might hinder GeoTheBacon from making them plays.
  • Ojama Trio - to stop opponent from floating field with their own monster and summoning more special summoned monsters on to the field for maximum burn damage!
  • Book Of Eclipse - To stop opponent from making plays and it doesn't matter if we give them more draw as there will be no NEXT turn for them.
  • Soul Charge/ Gem-Knight in extra deck - To allow Dam Son to continue to burn for damage if GeoTheBacon could not finish them.
  • Hand Destruction - to ensure ability to establish field and to pass on to GeoTheBacon for added consistency
Card choice explanation:
  • Denko Sekka - Completely STOP all opponent's set spell/traps that can stand in our way of burning damage , the only counters being Solemn Warning/ Solemn Judgement/ and Effect Veiler.
  • Swords of Concealing Lights- Stop opposing monster effects while keeping their status as being special summoned!
  • Harpie's Feather Duster - TO STOP them from STOPPING US.
  • Dark World Dealing/ Card Destruction - To filter through to get the needed combo pieces; it doesn't matter if opponent's hand get changed too as optimally, they will not have a next turn.
  • Zodiac Broadbull/ Drancia - to get to use the effect again if ever needed.
  • Daigusto Emeral - Just in Case.

Round 1 (Exodia - Burgestomma)
DAM SON screwed up pretty badly with a few misplays to start off the day. But thankfully, Totem bird was there to stop Exodia and its limbs from gathering in the hands.
Our opponent conceded after being unable to form Exodia in a do-or-die situation where he activated Into The Void.

Round 2 (Satellar-Fluffals)
This was a good matchup as we were both familiar with the opponent's archetype and deck, having piloted them for some time before. DAM SON knew Satellar like the back of his hand, and Geo reentered the game by playing GemKnights, and shortly after, Fluffals.

As anticipated, Satellar player started with a search of Altair off Deneb's effect with two set cards. A Dark Hole via DAM SON was played, in an attempt to bait and prevent backrow threats like the Tellarknight Genesis or Stellarnova Alpha. A series of Zoodiac Beast plays ended up filling the field with Totem Bird, Zoodiac Beast Drancia and Coach King Giantrainer.
Fluffal player went off with some plays with Toy Vendor, but a timely negation of Polymerisation by Totem Bird left him unable to carry on. GeoTheBacon followed up with an OTK using burn damage, with DAM SON providing assistance by summoning three tokens onto the opposing field, with Ojama Trio, completing the summoning criteria .

Round 3 (Metalfoe-Chain Burn)
Dam Son bricks heavily by drawing Gamecial,Soul Charge,Monster Reborn,Dark Hole and Book of Eclipse. Unable to perform any plays, he set Monster Reborn, Dark Hole, and Book of Eclipse, hoping to pass the baton over to Geo.
Metalfoes player went for Ignister, Prominence, the Blasting Dracoslayer, which got flipped down by Book of Eclipse. This forced the him to change his gameplan, opting to proceed with Zoodiac plays and ending with Gagaga Cowboy, burning for 800damage.
Seah activate Swords of Concealing Lights to bait out the opposing Zoodiac Drancia's effect, and followed up with a Monster Reborn of the opponent's Marmorat. From there on it was our turn to make Zoodiac plays and a risky Dark World Dealings granted us the final combo piece and we sealed the game.

Round 4 (AAA-Metalfoe) Scrublas and Kxavge

That's just unfair. we play-tested with Scrublas and kxavage beforehand. During the Standby Phase, KXavage activates Dimesional Boundary declaring XYZ Fusion...shutting down GeoTheBacon.
However due to Dam Son's Zodiac deck ;floatability;, we managed to stall the game to its late stages, whereby GeoTheBacon was able to OTK and win the game.
The game is notable for being the only game that forced us to enter the Battle Phase.

Round 5 (AyyyyLmao Eidolon - PKBA)
Dam Son drew into the best hand he could ever thought of. Terrortop, Elemental Triangle, Twin Twister, Ojama Trio and Soul Charge.
Went for the standard Zoodiac plays, consisted of Totem Bird, Zoodiac Beast Drancia and Coach King Giantrainer. (once again)

PKBA player activated Reasoning. Knowing the player and the deck beforehand, as he caught a glimpse of it at the other tables before this round, DAM SON called level3, but he special summoned Maxx C!!!
Since he now controls a non BA, and with no ways to bait out Drancia and Totem Bird, he had no choice but to set a monster and two backrows, the latter duo which would got destroyed by Twin Twister shortly after.
During Geo's turn, DAM SON activates Ojama Trio for support and burns his opponent before the Eidolon could have his turn.

Presented by:
Tag Team(Team We miss our flight) duo GeoTheBacon and DAM SON.

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