Monday, 12 December 2016

Asian Championship Qualifers Winter (Singapore) 2017 Top 2 Decklists

Decklists for the Champion and 1st Runner-Up
Both players were piloting Artifact Wind-Witch Eidolon (AFWWE)
Edit: Road of the King does it better

Participants: 111
Format: 6-Round Swiss into Top 16 Cut


Player: Clarence Foo
Source: @Kurova1990

  • Vs Fluffals O
  • Vs Zoodiacs O
  • Vs Zoodiacs O
  • Vs Zoodiacs O
  • Vs Zoodiacs O
  • Vs Infernoids O
  • Vs Bujin O (Top 16)
  • Vs Junishishi (Top 8)
  • Vs Infernoids (Top 4)
  • Vs AFWWE (Finals)

This deck went undefeated with a full win record. Congratulations, Clarence!

First Runner-Up

Player: Calvin Ang
Source: @Calvin_Munk

  • Metalfoes Yang Zing OO
  • Speedroid Kaiju Eidolon Zoodiacs XX
  • Blue-Eyes OO
  • Lightlord OO
  • Infernoids XOO
  • Infernoids OXO 
  • Speedroid Kaiju Zoodiacs OXO (Top 16)
  • Infernoids XOO (Top 8)
  • Speedroid Kaiju Zoodiacs XOO (Top 4)
  • AFWWE OXX (Finals)

Calvin went 8-2 with his deck. An equally impressive feat.

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